Published Scientific Research Studies

Research on the Effectiveness of Distance Counseling and Therapy

Psychotherapy via internet as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations

Study at the University of Zurich

This study at the University of Zürich, released July 30, 2013 showed online therapy to be equally effective as face to face therapy.

Large study of over 98000 patients showed a 25% decrease in the need for hospitalization.

Telemental Health Serices Reduced Psychiatric Hospitalization Rates

Research published at Psychiatryonline in April 2012 showing that the provision of telemental health services to patients living in rural and remote areas reduces psychiatric hospitalization rates.

Internet-based PTSD Therapy May Help Overcome Barriers to Care

Effectiveness of Internet based Therapy for PTSD

A study published November 07, showing that an Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective and help reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Online Behavioral Therapy Found Effective in Depression

Effective Online Depression Therapy

In a study published in August 2009, The Lancet(22 Aug,09) reported that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions conducted online with a therapist reduced depression better than usual in-person care with a general practitioner.

Can’t Sleep? Try Online Therapy

Effective Online Counseling

In a study published in Sleep Journal June 2009, US News and World Report reports on the effectiveness of online counseling.